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REPORT: Chargers Will Announce They Are Moving to Los Angeles

Dean Spanos continues to be the worst owner in all of professional sports.

St. Louis Rams v San Diego Chargers Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Despite optimistic reports from earlier this week that the Chargers were more and more likely to stay in San Diego, it seems that a decision may have finally been made to move to Los Angeles. Adam Schefter reports via Twitter that league sources are saying just that:

We have all had well over a year to digest the fact that the Spanos family was probably going to move the Chargers after 55 years in San Diego, but there was always a sense that things could be worked out to keep them here. That hope, slight though it may have seemed at times, appears to have been extinguished now.

Dean Spanos, it appears, will move the Chargers from a city that has lived and died with them for over five decades to a city that actively does not want them. This is in spite of numerous reports that the NFL itself does not want him to do so. We have all watched for years now as Spanos made one hilariously stupid decision after another, though, so this should come as no real surprise that he has cooked up another. This stadium saga has been a comedy of errors for over a decade now, and at least it looks like it will finally be over.

The Spanos family has proven over and over again that they are terrible owners, and this will do nothing to diminish their status as the worst ownership group in professional sports.