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WHAT IS GOING ON: Are the San Diego Chargers firing Mike McCoy or not?

The San Diego Chargers can’t seem to decide if they want to fire their Head Coach or not, and now the team’s internal struggle has gone public.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Telesco, John Spanos, and the San Diego front office has no idea what it’s doing. They have no idea if they’re going to rebuild, blame injuries, fire their coach, move to a new city.....

You have questions? Don’t come to them for answers.

The San Diego Chargers, who have lost their last four games and are 9-22 over the last two seasons, should have had this planned out weeks ago. Instead, we are once again left with incompetence and confusion:

What the hell is going on at Chargers Park? The General Manager, who is in charge of hiring and firing the team’s Head Coach, is recommending that the team retain their awful Head Coach and being overruled. So, who is actually in charge? Who will front the eventual search for McCoy’s replacement? Will Telesco sit in the corner and pout during the process?

Tom Telesco once called me to try and convince me to take down a BFTB post that he hadn’t read, so I can only imagine how much well-researched thought has gone into his decision to stand behind a Head Coach that has gone 4-15 against the division in the last three years.

The Chargers are cheap, we know that much, so there’s almost no chance that they’ll fire Telesco (who signed a contract extension in the dark of night last year) as well as McCoy and pay them both to go away. They’re also not going to sign a Head Coach that could demand the power to fill both spots because those coaches cost more than what the Chargers are willing to spend. Also, any of those guys would be smart enough to realize that they’d be answering to a de facto GM in John Spanos anyway.

So, I’ll ask again: What the hell are the Chargers doing?

This organization has screwed itself in a way that is irreversible at this point. If you’re signed up to be a long-term fan, regardless of their home city, be prepared for more of this embarrassing Cleveland Browns-like buffoonery in the years to come.

What a great way to start a game day!