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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

Discuss the Chargers final home game here with your fellow Chargers fans.

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I like the Chiefs in this one 24-20 because although the Chiefs are the more talented, better-coached team with more to play for, the Chargers are going to torture their fans one last time by keeping it close until the end because that's what they do. I'll be at the game in the stands hoping they don't get anyone hurt or blow their draft position, but I won't really be shocked if they manage both.

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I am not often all that confident against the Chargers because they usually have the quarterback advantage but the Chiefs have so much at stake in this game. They should pull it out. I feel a little more confident than usual this week but you and I both know this could easily be one of those games where the Chargers are at the 5-yard line with 10 seconds left looking for the win. The Chiefs will win by 30 or 3, no in between.