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Madden Tourney Update Xbox One!

Here’s some info about the tournament and the online connected franchise.

Alright guys, since I have been receiving a bunch of messages regarding game times and such, I’ve decided to write up a quick post on it. I’ve decided that I will not be in charge of the timing for your games, it is up to you to coordinate with your opponent as to when the next game will be held. I will keep you all updated on who your next opponent will be, should there be one. We’ve had quite a few no-shows, and quite a few players who have yet to respond as well... Either way, the show must go on. Here is the updated bracket for all of you who are interested, and please coordinate with your opponent as to when you’ll play. When you play is up to you, but you have one week to make it happen before we advance the tournament.

Also, if you send me screenshots of the stats/scoring per quarter, I’ll be able to write a post on it. It makes it a more fun process for all of us, instead of me just reporting who won.

And a side note, I have sent invites to all on the Xbox One side who had interest in participating in the online connected franchise. See you soon!