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Chargers Week 1 Preview Show

We’re trying something new

We’re going to try something new this season. Every week, likely on Friday evenings, a couple of us are going to get together and do a live preview show for that week’s game. Today we are going to be doing the show at 6:30 PDT. I will update this article with the embedded feed a few minutes before show time. If you want ask us questions, just follow the link through to youtube and we will have the live comments open so you can ask questions.

The staff members who will be joining the show each week may change and we will have some fun as well. If anyone tuned in for our live draft shows this year, it will be similar, however we will give it slightly more structure and try to limit the people on the show to 3 to keep the conversation a little cleaner.

This week, we will be talking about the season opener at the Kansas City Chiefs!

We will be going live in five minutes Here! (sorry it won’t let you embed live videos)