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The San Diego Chargers will win against the Kansas City Chiefs

If the Chargers find a way to pull off the upset in Kansas City against the Chiefs, these are three reasons why it happened.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt

The San Diego Chargers haven’t beaten the Chiefs in Kansas City since 2013. Fun Fact: Ken Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator of the Chargers in 2013 and he is once again the offensive coordinator this year. Whisenhunt is one of the better coordinators in the National Football League and he is replacing a man in Frank Reich who was quite simply one of the worst. The huge swing in quality is reason enough to believe that San Diego can pull off the upset.

Brandon Mebane

The 2015 San Diego Chargers had one of the very worst run defenses in the NFL. This was for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest was the complete lack of talent at the nose tackle position. Mebane is an exceptional defensive tackle that will regularly demand double teams and free up the likes of Corey Liuget, Melvin Ingram, and Kyle Emanuel to take advantage of one-on-one matchups. His ability to occupy offensive linemen will also give inside linebackers Denzel Perryman and Manti Te’o the opportunity to flow freely toward the line against the run.

Philip Rivers

The veteran signal caller is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. When you have a player of Philip Rivers’ caliber at quarterback, you always have an opportunity to win, no matter the opponent. The Chargers have won 13 of Rivers’ 21 starts against the Chiefs and he is still as good as he has ever been. He’s also playing with one of the better supporting casts he’s had in a few years thanks to the additions of Travis Benjamin, Hunter Henry, and Tyrell Williams, and the health of Danny Woodhead, Antonio Gates, and Keenan Allen.