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Open Thread: Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

Use this open thread to discuss the first game of the 2016-17 NFL regular season.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

NFL football that actually counts is finally here. It's a rematch of last season's Super Bowl as the Denver Broncos host the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos will be starting Trevor Siemian at quarterback this season and this will be our first opportunity to see what he looks like in a real game. Hopefully, he will be terrible enough to undermine that amazing Broncos defense. But at this point, does anyone actually think John Elway got something this important wrong?

From a fantasy football perspective, this game probably is not going to be terribly meaningful. The over/under on the point total is low and that tends to suggest a game that will produce relatively little in the way of fantasy points. The only player from either team that I drafted this year in any of my leagues was Emmanuel Sanders and he will be sitting on my bench, so you can probably anticipate him scoring six touchdowns.

What are you watching for in tonight's game?