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Chargers Week 4 Preview Show

All 3 of us are back in the rotation tonight for the week 4 preview show

Week 4 is upon us. The last game of the 1st quarter of the season is here and all 3 of your hosts, Garrett Sisti, Daniel Stebbins and Matthew Stanley, are all back together to break down week 4.

This week the Chargers are back home in San Diego to take on the 0-3 New Orleans Saints and the return of Drew Brees. Both teams are not playing great football right now but both teams have pretty high flying offenses when all cylinders are firing so we could be in for a shoot out.

As always feel free to post some pre show questions below and hit us up on twitter. Ill update the article with the link a few minutes prior to show time which will be at 6:30 PT. We’ll also be doing an audio only version again that will go up Saturday morning for those of you that have social lives on a Friday night, or just don’t want to look at our handsome faces. See everyone tonight!

Going live in a few minutes, here’s the link.