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Chargers vs. Saints: Week 4 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday’s game.

San Diego Chargers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Aaron Woolley: I don't think the Chargers have their act together. They couldn't put up a ton of points on one of the worst defenses in the league, so why should we believe the Chargers will put up points against this equally bad team. The Saints have Drew Brees and some talented receivers, so they will always put up points. Will the Chargers defense show up this week? Or will they get smoked like last week? This Chargers team loses games they should win, and make games close against teams they have no business beating. The Chargers don't know how to put away games, (RUN MELVIN GORDON MORE) so the Saints win this one 35-31 on a game-winning drive by Brees.

Jeff Siniard: I think this game is an old school shootout. The difference is that the Chargers defense is good enough to get some stops and force a turnover or two. Also, I think Philip Rivers will bring his A game after last week and also because he doesn't want to be 0-3 versus his predecessor. Chargers 41, Saints 30.

Cody Young: Playing against an extremely desperate Saints team, this feels like a game the Chargers could easily drop. However, I think the bolts will pull out a win to remain perfect at home this season. The Saints defense is bad. Really bad. Last week they allowed nearly 300 yards rushing to the Falcons last week and I believe the Chargers offense can take advantage and come out with a victory. Melvin Gordon should have a big day and I'm predicting two scores for Tyrell Williams. Chargers win 28-17

Garrett Sisti: Brees is going to be fired up for his return to San Diego but the New Orleans Defense is gonna let him down, again. Wiz will establish a heavy dose of Melvin Gordon and with Jatavis Brown starting Coby Fleener will not have the game he had against the Falcons on Monday night. Look for a bounce back game from a fired up Jason Verrett on Willie Snead (if he returns). The Chargers don't dominate but do enough to win, Chargers 26 - Saints 20

Jamie Sewell: Chargers 31-20 Saints. I still haven't decided if the Chargers are a good team or a bad team, but I know which one the Saints are. The Saints defense was terrible before their starters got hurt, and the only thing stopping the Chargers offense from putting up a load of points will be the Chargers offense. The Saints are good enough on offense to put up some points of their own, and Wil Lutz knocks in a couple of FGs (Georgia State represent!), but a couple of turnovers (including a pick-six to Jason Verrett - bank on it) means the Chargers walk away with the W.

Matthew Stanley: Chargers 20 Saints 21 - I have lost faith in the team again. Even against a team as bad as the Saints, until McCoy and this team can put together back to back quality wins, I won't be a believer. Not only is the execution bad, but the injuries really hurt. It honestly might be a much higher score than this as both defenses probably won't do great.

Roger Hinojosa: The Chargers' offense will continue to put up numbers this week against a Saints defense that has been gouged week in and week out. However, I see this game involving the passing game more than the run. While we would like to see the Chargers keep feeding Melvin Gordon, we will most likely see Philip Rivers shoot it out against Drew Brees. The Saints' front seven present a challenge, but look for Rivers to pick apart the Saints' secondary and to throw for multiple TDs (4 TDs). Chargers win this one 31-24.

Louis Gorini: After a heartbreaking loss on the road against the Colts, the Chargers host a desperate New Orleans team. I fear San Diego hasn't learned from last week's game and will abandon the run early on to try to keep up in this shootout. Teams are now going to be focusing in on Melvin Gordon because the Chargers simply do not have any other weapons that strikes fear in their opponent's heart. Gordon will have 75 total yards and fail to find the end zone for the first time this year. Rivers will try to put the Chargers on his back but will not be able to outgun the Saints offense. Rivers throws for 270 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions in a losing effort. Chargers 23 Saints 27

Jamie Hoyle: The Chargers will try to control the clock with Melvin Gordon, but the Saints build an early lead with their quick strike offense and hold on to win an exciting shootout. The games ultimately decided by Wis waiting too long to open things up and McCoy settling for one too many field goals. Saints 38, Chargers 30

Daniel Farias: Again, the Chargers will bounce back and get the win. Phillip Rivers should pick apart this week defense and I expect Melvin Gordon to reach the 100 yards rushing mark for the second time this year. Drew Brees will still put points up but two interceptions will seal the win for the Bolts. 28-24 Chargers

Daniel Stebbins: Saints and their awful defense don't get any respite this week. Saints' strength plays into SD's strength defensively. Chargers win this one 30-20.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: Man oh man, these games are getting harder to predict by the week. I want to say that this is an easy win for the Chargers, at home against one of if not the worst defense in all of football. But then again, this is Mike McCoy's Chargers we're talking about. Also, Brees has proved in the past several years that even with a roster deplete of talent, he can pull out upsets just by being Drew Brees. The fact that the Saints are sitting at 0-3 scares me even more...either way, I fully expect Philip Rivers to bounce back this week, though Jason Verrett has another tough matchup against the similarly small and speedy Brandin Cooks. For the Chargers to win, they must establish Melvin Gordon and the ground game early, setting up play action for Felipe and bringing home my predicted 33-27 win. But with Mike McCoy sitting at the coaching spot, who knows if Gordon will even get more than 10 carries? Prove me wrong, Mike. Prove me wrong.

Richard Wade: The Saints are really, really bad and the Chargers need to win this game. I think they pull it off. Chargers 30 - 21 Saints

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I think this might be the first and only sellout home game where there will be significantly more Chargers fans then opponents fans. Its mainly because of the return of Saints QB Drew Bress who will bring out some chargers fans that dont normally attend. Those in attendance will be treated to an offensive showcase for the ages between two Qbs that have so much underlying storylines, that we could go on and on explaining. Rivers vs Brees II is a heavy weight matchup that should be shown nationally, not just in the two local markets. Im just glad i'll be able to watch. Final score N.O 67- S.D 84.