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The San Diego Chargers will lose to the New Orleans Saints

If the Chargers fail to defend their home field on Sunday, these are three reasons why it happened.

San Diego Chargers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Drew Brees

This Sunday’s game against the Saints will be the first time that former Chargers’ quarterback Drew Brees has played in San Diego since he injured his shoulder playing in a meaningless season game that he was only playing in because Marty Schottenheimer is an idiot (and you should stop crying about him getting fired because he deserved it a thousands times over). Brees will have a ton of incentive to try to show up his former team and to beat the guy that was drafted to replace him. Unfortunately, Brees has become a much, much better player than the mediocre one he was in San Diego. The Chargers defense has its bright spots, but there are still glaring weaknesses and few players are as good at picking on a defense’s weaknesses as Drew Brees is.

Mark Ingram

The Chargers defense has been mediocre-to-bad against both the pass and the run in 2016. The defense has had a habit of getting gashed for big plays by running backs, in particular. Mark Ingram is the most dynamic running back that the Chargers will have faced so far this season. He will be able to take advantage of Chargers’ weakness at defensive end in the running game and their weaknesses at linebacker and safety in the passing game. Regardless of game script, Ingram should stay involved all day.

Coby Fleener

The Atlanta Falcons game was a rough loss for the Saints, but it was also Fleener’s coming out party. He looked every bit the player that the Saints thought they were getting when they signed him this offseason. And this Sunday he’s getting one of the easiest matchups a tight end can ask for when he takes on the Chargers linebackers and safeties. Dwight Lowery, Denzel Perryman, Kyle Emanuel, and most of the other players that make up the linebacker and safety position are borderline incompetent in pass coverage. The Saints offense also heavily features its tight ends, so this has a chance to be ugly for San Diego.