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Dr. Mike McCoy says not to worry about King Dunlap’s lengthy history of concussions

The San Diego Chargers Head Coach has assured everyone that King Dunlap’s very serious head injury isn’t very serious at all. Okay, then.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

King Dunlap, who has been concussed during NFL games at least four times in the last four seasons. In fact, Dunlap has missed 15 of 51 possible regular-season appearance since originally signing with the San Diego Chargers in 2013, and I believe all or most of those were due to concussions or concussion-related symptoms.

Dunlap missed Sunday’s game against the Colts with an “illness” and he missed practice again today with migraines (probably what kept him out on Sunday as well). Migraines are a symptom of post-concussion syndrome, but not to worry everybody....

Mike McCoy, who is on the record as saying that he’s not a doctor when asked about injured players that he doesn’t want to talk about, assured everyone today that he is able to diagnose Dunlap’s condition.

Thanks, doctor.

Honestly, though, there is no way for McCoy to know that. Hell, there’s not even a way for Dunlap to know whether or not these serious migraines are a result of past concussions (some of which have caused Dunlap to admittedly forget entire games). However, Mike McCoy is pretty sure he can say whatever he wants and get away with it.

Get better, Dunlap. Football is only a game. The health of your brain is far more important.