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San Diego Chargers: 5 Reasons for Optimism

It’s a tough task to look for positives after Sunday’s loss, but here goes.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

After the heartbreaking loss on Sunday, trying to look on the bright side is almost impossible. The Chargers were hit yet again with a tidal wave of injuries. The team looked to lack energy early and failed to execute in crunch time.

The season is on the brink of disaster. Injuries have already decimated a promising roster, Mike McCoy has proven he isn’t a leader and players have failed to execute. The Chargers hopes for success are looking dim. It’s tough to watch a team sputter for back-to-back seasons.

Simply put, it’s hard to stay positive when rooting for the Chargers. Even so, there are still a few things that can get fans excited for the remainder of the season...right?

The Jatavis Brown era has begun

Sadly, Jatavis Brown went down with an injury late in Sunday’s game, but prior to that, he played very well. He forced the fumble that led to the Caruan Reid return and he also racked up five tackles.

Now that Manti Te’o is out for the year, Brown should see the majority of his snaps. Brown is still a developing player so growing pains are going to be a part of his game, but he should be much better at defending the pass than any other inside backer on this roster.

Along with Brown, the Chargers have a chance to develop Joshua Perry. A fourth-round pick out of Ohio State. My guess is that Te’o has played his last game in a Chargers uniform. It is now time for Brown and Perry to take over the show next to Denzel Perryman.

Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin

These two receivers are playmakers. They absolutely torch defenses down the field. If it weren’t for a pair of drops and some missed throws by Philip Rivers, both of these players could have put up much better numbers on Sunday.

The rest of the season these two are going to be leaned on to make huge plays in the passing game. If these two can develop, Rivers should be able to have another great year throwing the ball.

Consistency is really both Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams’ only issue. If they could gain more trust with Rivers, there’s a chance the Chargers offense could find a spark.

Joey Bosa - The missing link

Well, he’s not the only missing link. The Chargers need help in the safety position too. Regardless, having Joey Bosa on the field will help the run defense. This past Sunday Frank Gore ran for 82 yards and a touchdown. That’s something no one outside of San Diego expected.

Bosa alone isn’t going to transform the defense, but he will make it much better in every aspect. His presence will allow players like Melvin Ingram and Corey Liuget to have one-on-one matchups to rush the passer, which was also a problem against the Colts.

If the Chargers were somewhat healthy, Bosa’s return would have had an even bigger impact. The team is just so thin right now that he probably won’t make an impact big enough for people to recognize.

Melvin Gordon

Reading just the stat line, Melvin Gordon struggled on Sunday. Thankfully, stats don’t tell the entire story. Gordon really put up another solid performance. He had a chance to have a receiving touchdown if it weren’t for a poor throw from Rivers.

Gordon did a lot of his work in the passing game this week as he reeled in four catches for 43 yards. This is a great sign as the team is without Danny Woodhead, a back who is tremendous as a receiver. If Gordon can continue to show that he can catch the ball, it gives the offense another wrinkle that could break open a game.

On the ground, Gordon needs better blocking. The offensive line was dominated against Indianapolis. For the most part, Gordon was hit right after he touched the ball and had nowhere to go. If he gets some holes to run through, he is going to be effective. The Chargers should highlight the young back for the rest of the season, he’s earned it.e touched the ball

Only a few more games with McCoy and company... hopefully

If the Chargers continue to lose games, this will be Mike McCoy’s last season in San Diego. Last season was a disaster, this season could soon turn into one as well.

Since his first season in 2013, McCoy has led the team to the playoffs once. Three years later, no improvements have been made. If anything, the team is worse. Here are some numbers that should jump out and make everyone happy that he may be gone next year.

The last time the San Diego Chargers won back-to-back games was in November of 2014. On the road, the Chargers have won just one game in their last 12. Worst of all, the Chargers have one six of 19 division games since McCoy was fired. A horrendous number that makes it almost impossible for a team to make the playoffs.

Yes, the Chargers have been decimated by injuries and that makes his job harder. There is just no reason as to why this has happened for three straight seasons. It’s time for someone to take the blame and it has to be McCoy.

If it comes to it, McCoy will probably elect to kick a field goal in his last play with the team. Just to stick it to us one last time.