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Chargers Week 3 Preview Show

Stanley and Daniel are back to talk week 3

Week 3 is here! Tonight we are back to our 6:30 PM PDT time slot. Garrett can’t make it tonight but Daniel Stebbins and I are here to talk Chargers at Colts football.

We’ll also take a little time to talk about last week’s blow out victory since we may not have many more opportunities this year to be able to revel in a victory of that manner.

Post any pre-show questions here, and as always we will be taking questions live. I will be updating this article about 10 minutes prior to show time with the youtube link.

Also I have an update that many of you will like. I finally figured out how to get the audio downloaded and small enough to post to the BFTB Radio page! So watch for a post tomorrow (Saturday) morning with the audio for all of you who want to listen while mobile!

See you guys in a couple hours!

Here is the link to the live show!

Here is the link to the audio version.