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Melvin Ingram Joins Roc Nation Sports

Melvin Ingram has signed with Jay Z’s agency

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Melvin Ingram was signed by Roc Nation Sports as their 9th NFL Player. He joins the likes of Ndamukong Suh, Dez Bryant, Todd Gurley, and many others. He used to be signed by Athletes First, but probably has made the decision to switch in anticipation for demanding a huge price tag with the Chargers, or with other teams, should he hit free agency. I am a fan of Ingram’s, but considering he’s only played 2 full seasons in his brief NFL career, and had 6 sacks to his name through his first 3 seasons, it’s hard to say if the Chargers believe he’s worth the no doubt huge contract he is seeking. Last year, Melvin Ingram had a solid year, with 10.5 sacks, tied for 12th overall. His 3 forced fumbles also tied for 12th.

This year, he’s had one mediocre game (against the Chiefs), and one very good game (against the Jags). He has 2 sacks on the season, and hopes to add more this week against a relatively weak Indiana Offensive Line. The addition of Brandon Mebane has helped his stock, but he’s an older player and won’t be around for all of Ingram’s next contract. Either way, expect Melvin Ingram and his new agents to be asking for a lot more money than he showed he was worth in his first 3 mediocre, injury riddled seasons.

It is also interesting that Steelers wideout Antonio Brown left Roc Nation. Also an interesting note is that the CAA (Joey Bosa’s agency) originally had teamed up with Roc Nation, but dropped Roc Nation due to the end of a two-year agreement.