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Chargers at Colts: Week 3 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday’s game.

Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Jeff Siniard: The Chargers are catching the Colts at the right time, with multiple key players banged up or unavailable. All that said, the Colts are also 0-2 and fighting to keep their season alive. Further, Andrew Luck is a higher caliber of QB than either Alex Smith or Blake Bortles. I think the Chargers eke out a win, but Luck will make some big plays with his arm and feet to keep it close. Chargers 27, Colts 24.

Aaron Woolley: Chargers defense prevails in this one. Many think it'll be a shootout but I'm not a fan of Luck or his targets. Gore is hurt too. Chargers 35-24. 2 TD to MGIII.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: The Chargers and GM Tom Telesco have been quietly salivating for this game since he took over. TT has seemingly turned this team into one of the fastest offense in the league and will get to showcase it all on the fast track in indy. With news that Gates is dealing with a sore hammy, Henry gets his most snaps of the season. I'm gonna go on a limb and say Andrew Luck will have another futile game with Moncrief out of the game, plus he has to deal with a new face on the D-line who is gonna do his best to win over his teammates in his first game. Chargers 44- Colts 20.

Garrett Sisti: Chargers slow this game down by establishing the run, stretching out the time of possession and in turn keeping the ball out of Andrew Luck's hands. The Colts have struggled through 2 games but I think this game is closer than most think with T.Y. Hilton carrying most of the load but it won't be enough, the Chargers win 2 in a row with a score of Chargers 24 Colts 17.

Ryan Doyle: The Chargers will make the most of their talented tight end group this week. Rivers will work the middle of the field and shred the Indianapolis linebackers and secondary. Melvin Gordon should also have a good day. This is a major test as he won't have the luxury of splitting time with Danny Woodhead. It's a big possibility that Andrew Luck has a big day and that may be the only chance the Colts have. If the San Diego defense can contain him, the Bolts should start the year off 2-1. Chargers 27 Colts 17.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: just like I said last week, the Chargers own their opposition this week, going back to the Peyton days. However, on the road, I think this will be a close one. Which Chargers team will show up? The one that's looked like a juggernaut for 3 quarters, or the one that... Ya know... Alright, we don't have to go there. Either way, I'm expecting a sense of urgency from Luck and the Colts, but the team just does not have enough talent to beat our Bolts. Final score in a shootout: 34-33 Chargers

Jamie Hoyle: Wis jams the ball down the Colts throat with Melvin Gordon (125 yards, 2 scores), Hunter Henry finally gets involved and the defense harasses Andrew Luck behind another strong game from Melvin Ingram. Chargers 34, Colts 20.

Jamie Sewell: Chargers 31-17 Colts. I'm pretty confident about this one. The Colts are banged up at their skill positions, and their healthy guys just aren't that good. The Colts OL isn't bad (it's actually pretty good), but their WRs are going to struggle to get open all day against the best trio of CBs in football (fight me, Broncos fans), and the Chargers pass rush will take advantage with some coverage sacks. I don't know who's going to suiting up for the Colts at CB, but I do know that they're going to be given fits by Philip Rivers and unable to stop the Chargers passing game, even without Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead. Melvin Gordon has back to back 100-yard games against a lackluster Colts front seven, and the Chargers go 2-1 on the year.

Cody Young: I think the Chargers will get their first big road win of the season and surprise everyone by beating the Colts this week in Indy. It will be no easy task for the defense going against Andrew Luck, who is arguably the best quarterback they will face all year. The Chargers need to get pressure on him early and often to disrupt the rhythm of the Colts passing attack.

Offensively I believe Philip Rivers will be able to find success passing against a banged up Colts secondary and Melvin Gordon should continue to produce in the running game. 31-24 Chargers victory.

Louis Gorini: The Chargers travel to Indianapolis to take on the winless Colts. Even though this has the making of a trap game, I still think the Chargers pull out the victory to win their second in a row. San Diego has had a lot of luck (no pun intended) against Indianapolis. The Chargers will look to continue their version of "smash mouth football against the Colts atrocious defense. However, this is a game I can picture them abandoning on the run because it turns into a shootout. Luck's mobility will give the Chargers linebackers fits as well as his tight end, Dwayne Allen. However, Rivers carries the Bolts to another win as he throws for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. Chargers 28 Colts 24

Matthew Stanley: The Colts are 0-2 and are desperate, but the Chargers offense is looking great, even with the losses of Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead. The Colts are getting a couple defenders back from injury, including former Chargers Patrick Robinson and Antonio Cromartie, but their defense is still a mess. On Offense the Colts confirmed Donte Moncrief is out for a while with a cracked shoulder blade, so the trio of Jason Verrett, Brandon Flowers, and Casey Hayward will have to cover TY Hilton, Phillip Dorsett, and whatever a "Quan Bray" or "Chester Rogers" are. With how the Chargers' secondary has been playing, they should feel free to have the front 7 pin their ears back and go hard at Andrew Luck. Chargers 28 - Colts 14.

Roger Hinojosa: I have the Chargers winning this one 31-21. I see the Chargers going to Melvin Gordon again and establishing a ground game, setting the tone for the offense for the rest of the game. The Chargers will chew up the clock and Philip Rivers will again be efficient and effective with his passes. Hunter Henry has been making a difference in blocking, but he’ll finally get his first career touchdown. The Chargers have been great on the road (forget the Kansas City game) and will take a quick lead against the slow starting Colts. Andrew Luck and the Colts will come out swinging, but it won't be enough. Jason Verrett will continue his dominance and I see the Chargers’ defense scoring in this game. Chargers build a 2 game winning streak, stealing one on the road.

John Gennaro: I’m trusting Vegas and giving into fear on this one. I think the Colts play better in Week 3 than they have in Weeks 1 & 2, and this ends up a close game that Andrew Luck wins in front of the Indianapolis crowd….probably to save the job of his Head Coach and GM. 24-21 Colts

Richard Wade: This game is too important for the Colts and they are better at home. I think they will find a way to win because although they have lost Donte Moncrief, they are getting back multiple key contributors on defense. They’re three-point favorites and I think that will be the margin that decides this one. Colts 27 - 24 Chargers

Daniel Farias: The Chargers are catching the Colts at the right time. Injured and not confident. The offense will move the ball at easy but I expect the defense to give up big plays to keep it close. 31-21 Chargers

SDNativeinTX: I feel better about this game than I did in pre-season. The Colts O-line is even worse than anticipated, they have no running game, and the Bolts have played decent pass defense in the first two games. Luck will get his shots, but will also make some poor decisions (probably not as many as Bortles did last week, though). On offense, the Bolts O-line has done SUPERB work and I think the Bolts pull off this one. SD 30-21 IND