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Joe Barksdale’s AMA is underway now

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

You can and should jump over to the Chargers subreddit right now to participate in Joe Barksdale's AMA. The San Diego Chargers’ best offensive lineman in 2015 is currently answering questions from Chargers fans on reddit.

Our own Jamie Sewell let you know yesterday that this was coming, but it’s happening right now. An AMA for those that are unfamiliar is simply a Question & Answer session in the comment section of reddit.

So far, the quality of questions leaves something to be desired with staples like “is a hot dog a sandwich” and questions about Haramabe. There’s also at least one “death match” question and one about whether or not Philip Rivers is aware of the “Felipe Rios” meme. Maybe you can sneak in a question that’s actually about football.

Anyway, get in there and report back if you get an answer from Joe Barksdale of “media fine” fame.