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Chargers waive RB Gus Johnson, DL Chuka Ndulue

Here's some more cuts that were pretty inevitable.

telesco is catholic
This is a hard day for GM Tom Telesco and his staff, as they have to make the decisions that will end people's dreams.

The Chargers have announced their fourth roster move so far, with the release of Gus Johnson and Chuka Ndulue meaning they follow TE Tim Semisch and LB James Ross out the door. Unlike the other two, though, this might not be the end of the line for either man, as there's a strong chance at least one ends up on the practice squad.

Gus Johnson only signed for the Chargers three days ago - he didn't show enough against the 49ers to steal the #3 RB spot from Kenneth Farrow (who should be safe for now), but with Dreamius Smith being placed on IR I'd expect the Chargers to carry Johnson as their RB on the practice squad (they almost always have one there).

Chuka Ndulue has - or had - been on the Chargers for longer, having spent a large portion of the 2015 season on the practice squad. Could he end up back there? Possibly. He didn't look bad in preseason, but at age 25 the Chargers may decide to go with someone younger instead.