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Melvin Gordon’s Mother Finally Dons His Jersey

Yesterday, Melvin Gordon’s mother decided that her son had finally accomplished something in the NFL, and that she would put on his Chargers jersey for the first time.

San Diego Union Tribune

Last year, Melvin Gordon’s mother told people that the reason she wasn’t wearing her son’s jersey was because he hadn’t earned it. She told reporters and fans alike that her son had yet to accomplish anything in the NFL, and that until he did just that, she wouldn’t wear his jersey.

We all know that Melvin Gordon struggled in his rookie season, carrying the ball the most times since 2005 without a TD, with a total of 217 touches. Many even were close to writing him off as a bust. On the other hand, quite a few people acknowledged the massive struggles by the offensive line, acknowledged his shortcomings his rookie season, and hoped for the best for his next season. Apparently, according to his mother, he didn’t earn it last year, as she was not seen once wearing his jersey. However, after scoring 2 TD’s in his 2016 regular season debut, Melvin Gordon, and his mother went shopping, and she sported a brand new #28 jersey in the stands today. I was watching in a sports bar I work at with the sound off, but I figured that the proud woman shown on tv had to have been his mother, and I’m glad I was right.

With his mother in the stands, Melvin Gordon showed up for the 2nd week in a row. He finally surpassed the 100-yard mark, which in Philip Rivers’ press conference after the game, he stated that Melvin Gordon looked a lot more patient and smart as a runner, after a 10 day stretch in training camp where the lightbulb seemed to have gone off.

In his press conference, he said, with a smile on his face the whole time, “It’s hard to get to 100, man. It’s definitely not easy in the league, so it’s definitely something I’m happy about for sure.”

It was hard to show his mother that he was accomplishing great things in the NFL, but once he did, it made for a storybook day with smiles all around.