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The Three Worst Things From The Jaguars Game

Another key injury, some non-involvement by people we hoped to see get some work, and a lot of empty seats for a home opener. It was good, but it could have better.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, in a lot of ways these are minor nits in what was a superb effort in all three phases of the game.  Maybe you saw something different that was bad in the game; let all of us know in the comments!

Danny Woodhead Getting Hurt

Early in the game, all of us held our breath as Danny Woodhead hit the turf grabbing at his knee.  Every Bolt fan knows the "oh no, not again!" feeling and here it was again.  Despite some of the views that the Bolts over-use or misuse Woodhead too frequently, anyone that follows this team closely knows how important #39 is to the Charger offense.  To see another valued and valuable contributor go down with another an injury right after watching Keenan Allen go out for the season was gut wrenching.

We all remember what happened to the Charger offense after Woodhead broke his leg against Buffalo in 2014.  While that did not appear to affect the Bolts in this game, the Jaguars gave our favorite team a lot of help in this win.  Fortunately, the news from the Chargers indicates that Woodhead will be back at some point in the season, pending MRI results.  The expected diagnosis is strained or sprained MCL, which would be a week or two through 6 weeks of Danny being shelved, depending upon the degree of sprain/strain.  The only thing that would cost him the season would be a tear, but the team does not believe that happened.  Keep your fingers crossed and get well soon, Danny!

Where Were Watt and Henry?

I saw Henry on the field throughout the game.  Early in the action, he got in some GREAT blocks to pop Gordon on some significant runs.  I can only remember seeing Watt on the field for three plays.  Neither of them recorded an offensive statistic.

Now, given the final score, it would have to be considered a real minor nit for these two players to have such limited participation and no statistical contribution.  Still, you used a 2nd round pick and a 6th round pick on these two players, you were missing the team's best WR, plus 2015's team leader in receptions.  It will be important for these players to be able to contribute to a diversified offense if the team is playing meaningful games late in the season and you need to go against tendency.  What better chance to get them some work but in a blowout like today.  Then again, nobody really has any tape on these guys at this point, right?

15,000 Empty Seats

This is not a minor nit.  Yes, I know it was a beautiful day in SD.  And the team turned in a horrific performance last week in Kansas City.  Yes, I know the Jaguars (despite a lot of assessments of "improvement") are not really all that good.

But c'mon people!  San Diego's first major sports team, a local institution for the last 55 years, may only have 7 more games to be played in San Diego County.  EVER.  Leaving 15,000 seats empty for the 2016 season home opener is mind boggling.  If you are reading this and live within a two-hour drive of the old decrepit stadium, START BUYING TICKETS!!!

Who knows it might just help you to keep the team that you love from moving to a city you despise.  Empty seats this season could certainly contribute to fans in San Diego having a future of loving their team from afar.  Or not loving them at all, since they will no longer be playing in San Diego.  Of course, with a lot of you not buying tickets, it seems that you already do love the Bolts from afar.  Change that while you still have the choice.