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REPORT: Jahleel Addae broke his collar bone

Addae pulled an Addae with a dangerous tackle and paid the consequence

Jacksonville Jaguars v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Well, the inevitable happened. Jahleel Addae, who constantly plays with reckless abandon, threw himself into Jacksonville Jaguars “offensive weapon” Denard Robinson who was already almost all the way down. Both players were down on the ground for a while before they were helped up and back to their respective benches.

On replay, Addae clearly turned his head and lead with his shoulder, which was good, but he didn’t even need to be making the tackle. Robinson was all but down, and going out of bounds.

Well it looks like Addae paid the price.

This could mean Addae is heading to the IR for now. As a refresher, teams do not have to designate ahead of time that a player is “designated to return.” Players on the IR are eligible to return after being out for at least 6 weeks. However a team can still only choose one player to return. This decision could get complicated for the Chargers if Danny Woodhead’s injury is in fact an MCL strain that could have a similar return timetable.

On the bright side, this means Dexter McCoil should see A LOT more playing time, and could mean the team brings up Adrian McDonald from the practice squad. The McSafeties could be happening.