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Chargers vs. Jaguars: Week 2 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday’s game.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Sewell: Chargers 31-24 Jaguars. I'm pretty confident in this game - for whatever reason, the Chargers just always seem to have the Jaguars number. Sure, they've improved, but they still won't be able to stop Antonio Gates from grabbing 2 TDs in the red zone, they won't be able to contain Melvin Gordon (who actually plays in all four quarters, this time), and they won't be able to stop Tyrell Moss from having his official breakout party. Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, and Allen Hurns will cause the Chargers no end of problems, but Philip Rivers is able to outgun him and pick up the W.

Daniel Farias: I see the Chargers run game picking up where they left off in the first half last week. I expect good physical o-line play that sets the tone early. The Bolts get out to a two-score lead and the Jags make it interesting late in the fourth. Our defense continues to struggle to finish games but this time, Phillip Rivers bails them out. 31-28 Chargers.

Jamie Hoyle: I see big games from Gordon, Henry, Gates, Mebane, and Liuget, but I think the Jags find ways to put the Chargers safeties in compromising positions and unleash Julius Thomas and Allen Hurns in the process. Look for Gus Bradley to take a couple unorthodox chances on fourth down to extend drives, too. It's close but Jags win 27-24.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: Shootout Alert: Jacksonville 33 San Diego 34. Bring your popcorn to this game. Drop either of these defenses if you're playing them (me). Pick up Hunter henry while you can. It's gonna be a 2-tight end kind of day. And More of Smash Gordon.

SDNativeinTX: What should really frighten any hardcore Bolts fan that is a 2015 "fluke" believer or "they didn't have an offensive line" apologist or Frank Reich hater was the reappearance of the 2015 offense last week. For any of you that read my preseason report on the Jags, I predicted a shoot-out between two great offenses, "supported" by two 'meh' defenses. I have to conclude that any chance the Bolts had to win this game went down with a blown knee in the 2nd quarter of last week's game. The Bolts no longer have a great offense. This may still be a close game, but in year 4 of the McCoy error, er, era; the team's training by its coach is complete. The San Diego Chargers no longer pull out close games. They have achieved McCoy's ceiling; losing as many games as possible by the narrowest possible margins. Jax 31 - 27 SD.

Cody Young: 24-17 win for the home team.

Melvin Gordon continues to impress in his second season, and the coaching staff decides to use him, as he puts up over 100 yards rushing and adds a touchdown. Rivers will have a typical "Rivers vs Jaguars" performance, and I expect him to test rookie corner, Jalen Ramsey, early and often.

The secondary has their work cut out for them against Jacksonville's exceptional receivers in Robinson and Hurns, however, I think they will rise to the occasion. The Chargers will need to rotate Jatavis Brown and Dexter McCoil into the lineup early, otherwise, Julius Thomas will eat them alive.

Jeff Siniard: The Jaguars are a talented young team which gave the Packers a fight at home in Week 1. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they are ready to win a cross country road game against a desperate and angry team. Further, as frustrating as the Chargers have been under McCoy in season-opening losses, they've been good in the games following those losses (Win 33-30 at PHI in 2013, and Win 30-21 vs. SEA in 2014). In this game, I expect the Chargers will have more success running the ball than their opponents, and that Blake Bortles will make one or two mistakes that Philip Rivers doesn't. Chargers 33, Jaguars 24.

Garrett Sisti: Much like Week 1 with Travis Kelce, the Chargers are gonna have trouble containing the TE and Julius Thomas will rack up a lot of yards and reel in a TD. Ultimately, San Diego is able to settle in and out-duel the Jags offense by establishing a dominant ground attack and grinding it out for the Chargers’ first win of the season 27-17.

Louis Gorini: Philip rivers has always had success against the Jaguars which has led to the Chargers 5 game winning streak over Jacksonville. However, the star of this game will be Melvin Gordon. I expect a heavy dosage of Gordon to keep the Chargers in manageable 3rd downs situations. The Jaguars have an improved defense but still need time to gel together. And for those worried about San Diego not having Keenan Allen, the Chargers defeated the Jaguars last year without him. Chargers 24 Jaguars 20.

Matthew Stanley: Chargers 27 Jacksonville 24

This is already a "must win" game for the Chargers. They have the stadium vote coming up, they are in last place in the division, Mike McCoy needs this in a huge way. Hopefully, Pagano has figured out how to use his best personnel (Dexter McCoil and Jatavis Brown) to cover TEs since Julius Thomas is right up there with the TE's last week so having 51, 20, 50, or 37 cover him 1on1 is going to make for a long day. I think the Chargers have enough desperation to pull out a victory.

Ryan Doyle: I'm predicting a 30-24 Chargers WIN. The Chargers looked great running the ball last week and they should feed Melvin Gordon all day. The interior offensive line looked great against KC and I think if Jacksonville has to respect the run, Rivers will be able to use Henry and Gates to tear apart the Jags secondary. Defensively, I think Jatavis Brown will be used more to help cover the Jags tight ends and running backs. The Jason Verrett-Allen Robinson is going to be a fun one to watch as well.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: 24-17 Chargers. Bolts own the Jaguars, and while I see improvement down in Jacksonville, McCoy can't bring the team down enough to the point that they lose on White Hot Sunday. There's no question it will be closer than it’s supposed to be, though.

Tim Scott: Blake Bortles will put up good fantasy numbers, but so will Philip Rivers. This is a shootout, take the over. Chargers 31-27.

Richard Wade: I’m nervous about how the defense matches up against the Jaguars’ passing attack, but I think that the Chargers will be able to score often enough to pull out their first victory of the season. Chargers 24 - 21 Jaguars.