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Philip Rivers Still Confident In Chargers Receivers

Philip Rivers is still confident throwing to #12 and #16.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

According to Philip Rivers, “I think the thing I have to do from my standpoint is just let it rip, and go. This is a ball I’ve thrown to 13, now I’m throwing it to you 16, or I’m throwing it to you 12. Just trust it and go — that’s the only way you’re going to deal with it and start making those plays.” (ESPN)

Surprising to see him not mention #15, or Dontrelle Inman, the new official starting WR opposite Travis Benjamin (#12). The Chargers believe that Dontrelle will be taking Keenan Allen’s place, but Philip Rivers seems to think it’ll be more of a mixture between Tyrell Williams (#16), and Travis Benjamin (#12). Rivers did, however, go on to say that Dontrelle Inman has earned his role as one of the top 3, 4, or 5 guys on the roster in the last couple years.

To me, Dontrelle Inman seems like a safe, but unexciting pick as the #1 wideout. It honestly makes sense that they’ll have him at #1, Benjamin at 2, and Tyrell Williams at 3, because he seems to be the much more reliable target, just less exciting. Tyrell Williams is listed behind Benjamin instead of Dontrelle, because he’s another deep threat on the team, and hasn’t exactly proved himself to be a reliable starter. This team has usually been more trusting in proven commodities, than exciting rookies (see: Hunter Henry at #3TE despite a fantastic offseason).

It’s still puzzling that the Chargers have yet to sign a WR, but Travis Benjamin should give the Chargers the over-the-top help and potentially help open things up for the other receivers underneath. Hopefully, we get to see more Hunter Henry on the field too. Either way, Philip Rivers will most likely have a good game against the Jags, as he’s thrown for 8TDs, no INTs, and completed 74% of his passes against them over the last 3 games.

Either way, as long as the Chargers have Philip Rivers, (aka El Capitan) commanding the offense, they always have a chance to go all the way. Let’s do our part as fans and show up to support!