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Five Jaguars Questions with Big Cat Country

Ryan Day of Big Cat Country answers some of our questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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1. What's going on with Chris Ivory? And how do you expect that the RBBC with T.J. Yeldon to play out this year?

There are rumors about what happened with Ivory, but until anything is confirmed -- either by the team or a reputable source -- we're not gonna throw anything out there. It's an incredibly Jaguars occurrence for this to have happened right before the season opener, that's all I'll say. As far as the running back by committee approach, it's on hold until Ivory can go out there. Yeldon is who he is -- a guy who's not bad, but not good either. And he's not talented enough to carry Denard Robinson as your No. 2 guy. We need Ivory back for the run game to get cookin'.

2. How has Dante Fowler looked in returning from injury? Do you think he'll actually play like a top-3 pick?

He has... underwhelmed. Some of us have low expectations because he's, in essence, a rookie. I have low expectations too. I'm not expecting multiple sacks a game (or even a sack every game) but I am expecting pressures or hits and a decent job against the run. So far, he's got barely a tackle through the preseason and Week 1 and he's done well against the run. It's too early to tell if he'll play like a top-3 pick. Justis Mosqueda came on our podcast last week said he's a late first round caliber guy, so maybe long-term expectations should be Chandler Jones-esque?

3. Why isn't Myles Jack playing any defensive snaps? Is he not healthy enough to play or just not ready to contribute?

Your guess is as good as mine as to why Myles isn't playing any snaps. I don't expect him to start -- and in fact, Paul Posluszny and Telvin Smith played well last week -- but I did expect packaged plays from the coaching staff that allowed him to get on the field for 5-10 snaps a game. It's mind-boggling we don't have anything in the gameplan to get him on the field except for special teams play.

4. One of my writers was a big fan of Jermey Parnell in Dallas and liked the handful of games I watched of him last year. What's your overall impression of Parnell so far? How has Joeckel fared after being flipped inside to guard?

Parnell is fine. He's not an All-Pro, but he'll plug in there and be your starting right tackle for as long as you need him to be. He's above average and he's a bully. I like him for what he is. As far as Joeckel, he's exceeded my expectations (which were very, very bad) and he had a decent game at guard against the Green Bay Packers in Week 1. Overall, our offensive line is doing slightly better than I thought they'd be.

5. Jalen Ramsey called out Aaron Rogers last week; has he said anything about Rivers yet? Do you think he will?

Well, Jalen's calling of Rodgers out wasn't unprovoked. He was asked repeatedly about Rodgers and if he looked up to him growing up and Jalen, a defensive back, said he thought he was a great quarterback but that he personally looked up to other defensive backs -- and I think he mentioned Deion Sanders specifically. After the game, Jalen (correctly) touted that Rodgers didn't complete a pass against him, but that was just as much about responding to the media that the hype was unwarranted as bravado from Jalen. I don't think Jalen calls Rivers out this week, but I'd love for him to do it. There's no position in football that calls for, and celebrates, ridiculous confidence as cornerback.