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Chargers Week 2 Preview Show

We’re back again previewing week 2

Thanks everyone who tuned in last week and watched the video afterwards. For those of you who missed it or don’t know who I’m talking about, we were live on youtube last Friday night previewing week 1. If you want to check it out, even though most Charger fans have probably agreed to erase last week from their memories, you can see it here.

Well we are going to be back again this Friday night at 7pm PDT live on youtube. The hosts will be myself joined again by Garrett Sisti, and this week Daniel Stebbins will also be joining us. Like last week I will update this article with the link to the show about 10 minutes prior to start time. The comments will be open on the broadcast so feel free to ask questions while you watch.

Also for this week if you would like us to answer a question and you won’t make it to the live broadcast, go ahead and throw it in the comments of this article and we will try to answer as many as we can.

You can tune in to the week 2 preview show here.