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REPORT: Joey Bosa still not practicing

This is disappointing

NFL: San Diego Chargers Practice Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The wait for Joey Bosa to contribute appears to still be ongoing.

This week’s only padded practice is getting underway and it appears Bosa will not be participating. It is extremely doubtful that Bosa gets any playing time in a game without participating in a padded practice. As practice is just starting it is possible, however pretty unlikely, that he joins in later and gets a “limited participation” designation, but don’t hold your breath.

This means another week of Darius Philon and Caraun Reid filling in for Bosa. That’t not necessarily a bad thing as neither were bad last week and Reid was actually pretty damn good. But this team really needs it’s 3rd overall pick on the field. To not have Bosa out there for the home opener hurts the team talent wise, and is not a good look PR wise for a team that needs as much public support as it can get with the stadium vote looming.