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Color Rush uniforms revealed, and they are sexy

We finally know what the color rush uniforms will look like, and they’re awesome.

All summer we saw various “leaks” of what the NFL’s “Color Rush” colors are going to be for this year. The early leaks all showed the Chargers’ color as a powder blue. Well it turns out, that wasn’t completely correct.

I think those look pretty slick. It’s a throw back to the Dan Fouts era but with the modern layout and matched up with blue bottoms as well. I have been begging to see the Navy on Navy uniform again, but I’ll take this as close enough.

The Color Rush game will be the Thursday night, home game, on October 13th vs the Denver Broncos who will be in all orange.

I thought this was a dumb campaign when the NFL first started it, however it is growing on me. These uniforms under the lights on Thursday night will look pretty sweet. Now the only question is do I order a Keenan Allen or a Hunter Henry? Or dare I tempt fate and order a 99 Joey Bosa.