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Should the Chargers trade for Josh Gordon?

Josh Gordon’s skill, speed, and explosiveness could be valuable for the right price

NFL: Preseason-Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

eenan Allen’s “expected torn ACL” is hard to believe and it’s more difficult to imagine KA’s absence with an entire NFL season remaining. Allen’s production and value is unquestionable as is his chemistry with Philip Rivers. He has the tools and experience to destroy defenses and step up to corners like Marcus Peters and roast him. Replacing KA may prove to be difficult given his skill, chemistry with Philip Rivers, and experience. However, Josh Gordon could prove to be the player the Chargers are looking for to fill that void on the field.

Gordon, who is 25, was reinstated by the NFL this year after serving a year-long suspension. He is currently suspended for three games, so his impact on a team trading for him would not be seen for a few weeks. In 2013, Gordon led the NFL and set a franchise record with 1,646 yards. Critics may point out Gordon last saw an NFL snap back in 2014, where he only played five games. However, that leads to lower mileage on his wheels and an appetite to destroy defenses. Gordon’s fit in this offense would come at a perfect time with KA’s expected season-ending injury.

According to NFL Trade Rumors, the Browns had been reportedly asking for “2nd-Rd Pick & Then Some” In Return For Josh Gordon. Gordon will be a restricted free agent in 2017, due to his suspension and playing time accrued. While the Chargers may like to bring in a dynamic receiver, such as Gordon, he may not be worth the price. Asking for a “second round pick and then some” could be costly for the Chargers. The Chargers have plenty of holes in their roster that they could fill, via the 2017 draft, and giving up their second-round pick would hurt them going forward. Trading for Gordon at this moment would be a short term solution that could cause long term problems. While the trade would be early on in the season (say tomorrow), he would have time to assimilate to the offense and have time to make an impact on the field. It should also be noted that he would be with former teammate Travis Benjamin, so his timing and chemistry with other receivers may not take as long to develop.

Josh Gordon would be a great addition, but only for the right price. Is Gordon necessary with KA’s injury? That’s debatable, but it’s something that ought to be considered