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Ask Joe Barksdale anything!

Joe Barksdale is doing an AMA/Q+A on Reddit on Friday - and you're all invited!

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wanted to ask an NFL player questions such as:

  • When are you planning to body slam a Raider like D.J. Fluker did?
  • Is Philip Rivers training his kids to become the world's most powerful army?
  • Does Mike McCoy get as excited about anything as he does choosing to punt from midfield?

Well now you can!

Joe Barksdale is doing an 'AMA' on Reddit at 3 PM PST on Friday. In case you don't know what an AMA is, it's essentially a Question and Answer session. I believe this is the first time a Chargers player has ever done a Q+A/AMA outside of Twitter, which is awesome.

Hopefully, doing it on a separate platform to Twitter allows for Joe to go in detail, rather than having to stick to 140 characters.

The AMA will be held in the Chargers subreddit, which can be found here. So if you want to ask him a question, go and create a reddit account and be around at about 2 PM PST! The reason I say 2 PM is I imagine that's roughly when the thread to ask questions in will go up, with Joe starting to answer them at 3.

Alternatively, if you can't get onto the subreddit for 2 PM, post your questions in the comments section below, and I'm sure someone (possibly me) will be sure to pose them to Joe.

Lastly, please remember to be respectful. He plays for your favorite team, he's an awesome dude (just check his Instagram if you don't believe me), and a good experience here could mean that other Chargers decide to join in with AMAs in future.