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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Swain offers his opinion on Kaepernick situation

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The Chargers have the best cornerback you've never heard of - Stephen White
What stood out the most about Verrett on film was his impressive ability to mirror the routes the receivers tried on him. Everything about playing cornerback is awkward. You are moving backwards. You're trying to follow a guy who knows where he is going before the snap close enough to keep them from catching a football. And nowadays you have to do so without making much contact with the receiver while he's running his route.

Chargers exec John Spanos does not regret going public in Joey Bosa contract stalemate - Eric Williams
"Obviously, it was a difficult decision," Spanos said. "Any time you're in a tough negotiation, everything you do is a difficult decision. And let me be clear: It's certainly never our preference to make any public comments. It's not how we've operated in the past, I would say, and only [on] the rarest of occasions.

San Diego Chargers 2016 Season Cheat Sheet - Thomas Maney
San Diego faced similar problems in the trenches on defense in 2015. No team collectively graded worse in run defense than the Chargers, while just one other team (New Orleans Saints) allowed a higher average gain per carry. Former Seahawks DT Brandon Mebane should help tremendously on early downs, even if he’s far from his 2013 peak, as will dumping underperformers Kendall Reyes and Donald Butler, which the Chargers did this offseason.

Chargers Navy man weighs in on Kaep - Tom Krasovic (UT$)
"(Sitting during anthem) -- that’s one way he can do it. He can do it many other ways. He can speak to children. He can speak to police officers, since that’s what he wants to focus on. He’s just using his position to get word out about issues. There’s many other ways he can do it. But he chose to do it this way. That’s the freedom he has, so if we wants to choose to do it that way, he can do that."

New Chargers Humbled by Visit with Military - Ricky Henne
“My dad was in the Air Force before I was born,” Mebane said.  “Any time you get a chance to give back to any part of the military is special.   Anybody that goes into the military are special people, and they don’t get as much credit as they deserve.  I had a little taste of that with my dad.  Being in San Diego now, this is the biggest military presence I’ve seen in the country.  I definitely get the military vibe, and with my dad, that is very special.  What they do is special.”