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Chargers Sign 2, Waive 2

The Chargers decided to make a pair of roster moves today.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Telesco, who must be bored with all of his free time from not talking to Bosa's camp, decided to make a pair of roster moves today.

6th round pick Drew Kaser will be taking all the punting reps going forward as the team decided to drop Kasey Redfern, which will make John Gennaro sad. Along with Redfern, OL Mike McQueen was also waived. McQueen was pretty far down the depth chart at OG with Kenny Wiggins returning and 7th round pick Donavon Clark performing very well in practices so far.

The players that were signed were DE Zamir Carlis, who was invited to Chargers rookie mini-camp back in May for a tryout. Carlis is 6'4 275.

The other signing was WR Rico Richardson. Richardson, 6'1 185lbs, spent time over the last 2 seasons with the Titans, which means Ken Whisenhunt probably had a say in bringing him in. Not sure why they wanted another WR unless it's looking like Javontee Herndon won't be coming back anytime soon.