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Hall of Fame Game 2016: CANCELLED

The Hall of Fame Game between the Packers and Colts has been cancelled, citing field conditions.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL and the President of the Hall of Fame David Baker have decided to cancel the Hall of Fame game this year because of the field conditions, most notably the logos painted at midfield and in the endzones. The game was set for 5pm Pacific Time and would have been the first game played this year. Players had told those in charge that at midfield and in the end zones, the cleats were not able to penetrate, and it would be similar to trying to play on concrete.  At least the NFL didn't decide to make the players play in hazardous conditions. This is reminiscent to the Super Bowl when players cited field conditions as concerns before the game, as the field was too slippery. The league did not want a repeat of last year when Steeler's kicker Shaun Suisham suffered a knee injury which seemingly has ended his career. For those of us who were excited for the final return of football, we'll have to wait one until Thursday.