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San Diego Chargers have not talked with Joey Bosa's agents since training camp started

The Chargers continue to embarrass themselves by failing in ways that no other organization has failed before.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers and Joey Bosa's agents have not talked since the beginning of Training Camp on July 28, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reports:

It has been 10 days since Training Camp started and the San Diego Chargers are still insisting that their nonexistent precedent takes precedence over the precedent that has been set by the rest of the National Football League when it comes to negotiating with top five picks under the current CBA.

The Chargers have not had a top five pick under the current CBA prior to drafting Joey Bosa this year. So, when they tell you that "this isn't how we do business," understand that this is the first time they have ever been in this position and that their argument is ridiculous. They will point to the contracts of veterans like Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, and Antonio Gates. Do not be fooled by this nonsense. Those players had the ability to negotiate terms other than offset language and bonus payout structures. They could insist on a higher signing bonus, higher annual average value, or longer contract. Those things are not on the table for a draft pick thanks to the current CBA.

That the Chargers have not found a way to get their top-5 pick signed is nothing short of an embarrassment. They are the first team under the current CBA to refuse to come to an agreement this late into August. They are 100% in the wrong and any vegan restaurant metaphors to the contrary are disingenuous at best.

Joey Bosa needs to be in camp and it is on the Chargers front office to make it happen. The clock is ticking.