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Keenan Allen leaves practice with apparent injury

The Chargers cannot afford to lose Allen for any amount of time.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

At San Diego Chargers FanFest today, Keenan Allen left the field with an apparent injury. He is sitting on the bench with his shoe off and his left foot and ankle heavily taped up. You have to hope that it's nothing serious and the fact that he hasn't gone back to the locker room gives you the sense that it might not be.

The Chargers simply cannot afford to lose Allen for any extended period of time with Stevie Johnson already undergoing surgery. The fact that Travis Benjamin was also already sitting out practice does not inspire a ton of confidence. One positive is the emergence of Ken Whisenhunt's creative use of 12 personnel that should take some pressure off the wide receiver corps that is struggling with health.

At this point, we have to just wait and see on Allen. It is entirely possible that he will not miss any real time due to injury, but this makes you nervous.