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PODCAST: Who else is tired of “Bosa Watch”?

John Gennaro, along with a couple of co-hosts, does his best to put an end to the Joey Bosa contract holdout conversation.

France v Iceland - Quarter Final: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I have to be honest, I’m getting very tired of the conversation regarding Joey Bosa’s contract holdout with the San Diego Chargers.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What if nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong?

What is Bosa actually demanding? Is that crazy? Does the Chargers’ own precedent matter as much as NFL precedent?

It’s boring. It’s tired. I had Craig Elsten and John Browner on my podcast this morning and we did what we could to try and bury the topic, before moving on to the Padres vs. Chargers feud, and a short conversation about Russell Westbrook’s contract extension at the end.

Oh, we also kicked off the podcast by talking about self-driving cars.


(And, yes, I very much do see the irony of saying I’m tired of “Bosa Watch” while linking you to a podcast of us talking about “Bosa Watch” for a half-hour.)

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