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Thoughts on everything Chargers from contract negotiations to Madden ratings

Aaron covers a wide range of topics related to the 2016-17 Chargers season.

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Recently, Chargers fans have been peeved that Joey Bosa has yet to sign. At first I was upset at Joey Bosa and his agents (and his parents who seemingly are the most clingy parents in the world and don't let Bosa think for himself... weird), but after reading into it some more, I've realized it's Tom Telesco and the Chargers who are in the wrong. Jamie Hoyle wrote a great article on this. I urge you to read it. The Chargers are basing their argument off their history. Tom Telesco and the Chargers had not picked in the top 10, much less the top 5 since he took over, so how can they say "we don't do things that way," when they've never been in that position? Joey Bosa wants to play football. His agents want to get him what everyone else is getting. That is fair. What's not fair is the Chargers treating the 3rd overall pick like he was picked in the middle to the late end of the first round, like everyone else they've drafted. Why do the Chargers insist on messing with important players? (Eric Weddle, Joey Bosa, Sproles, etc. ) What worries me, is when I hear Bosa talk, he does not sound like a bright guy. Having his parents micromanage everything he does supports that notion of mine. I feel like the Chargers coaches are going to set Bosa down on the ground and say "go get 'e, tiger." Kind of like this.

Go get 'em tiger pinterest

Go Get 'em Tiger

Eric Weddle

Weddle timesofsandiego

"Come on, Telesco..."

Why would the Chargers not even offer Eric Weddle a contract? In an interview, he said "It'd be fine if they lowballed me, I'd understand that. I haven't even received an offer." What's with that? Why not offer the best FS in team history a contract based on what you think he's worth. Unless you think he's worth literally zero dollars? Come on, Telesco. Treat your players better than this.

Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen timesofsandiego

Keenan Allen Tearing It Up

Man, Keenan Allen is on fire. I haven't had a chance to get down to training camp, but every video I've seen, every article I've read, all say he's killing it once again. He truly is underrated in this league, and I hope he can shed the injury prone label. If he can give us a full 16 games, based on how the Chargers Offense performed last year with him in, I see no reason for us not to make the playoffs, despite what their record suggested with him in. We've improved, with Hunter Henry, two legitimate Centers, a healthy line, and the "short but big" addition Mebane. Who knows, with Gates looking like he's found the fountain of youth, and Hunter Henry meeting and surpassing all expectations, maybe Keenan Allen won't have to carry us with Phillip alone.

Travis Benjamin


Travis Benjamin... looking small

It seems like in recent history, every time the Chargers sign a free agent WR, they always suck... Meachem, Royal (sucked his first year), and even Stevie was largely disappointing. He's also tiny. Last time we had a guy that small, we drafted him out of Baylor after he took the top off of defenses with the most 40+ yard plays in all of the NCAA. Whatever happened to that guy? That's right; he's not in the NFL anymore. Benjamin is 5 pounds heavier than Tevin Reese is... not exactly building my confidence here. Also, he's been running with the twos. I expected him to be outside opposite Keenan, especially with that money they signed him for (which wasn't exactly a TT Bargain like we're used to). Color me skeptical. This looks good


I love football, so I love me some Madden. But what the hell is up with the Charger's ratings? Philip Rivers has an 84? Are you kidding me? Apparently being 2nd in the league in passing yards and solid in TD's and Passer rating deserves the 12th best rating. I call bullsh*t. Keenan Allen and Jason Verrett both got 88s which suits them perfectly, and both will rise. Our backup QB's suck with Clemens being the highest rated at a 68 but we knew that already. Danny Woodhead only received an 82 after scoring nine touchdowns, and having over 1000 yards from scrimmage... I call bullsh*t. Expect Hunter Henry's rating to rise from the 78 it its into the low 80s. WR Tyrell Williams has a  62 rating... what? I guess Madden has to lower ratings on a whole bunch of players to justify the Chargers 4-12 record last year. Our line is relatively ok, which it is in real life as well, with Slauson being the highest rated starter at 84, and Guards Orlando Franklin and DJ Fluker in the 70s. Chris Hairston as a 69 is a little puzzling to me, as is Max Tuerk at a 68.

Madden easports

Rivers to Allen in Madden 15

Darius Philon is a 65. Let that sink in. He might be our starter if Joey Bosa continues to hold out. Do you think he deserves a 65? I don't. Melvin Ingram and Attaochu both are in the 80s, and while I think Attaochu deserves a bit more respect after a six-sack season, Kyle Emmanuel's 69 is just straight up rude. Denzel Perryman is rated a 76? Are you kidding me? One measly point above Manti? No love for this Chargers team from Madden... no love whatsoever. Casey Hayward got an 84, and Brandon Flowers earned a 78 last season. Hopefully he can bring that rating up this year. Our safeties are weak, all 79 (Lowery) or lower. Both McCoil and McDonald's ratings aren't out for whatever reason, but I think they will skyrocket... I hope... Lambo and Kaser both have 76 ratings. I guess that's fair... ish.

Let's hope the Chargers give the Madden creators reason to raise their ratings this year. I want Rivers, Allen, and Verrett to have 99s by season end. It won't happen, but a man can dream, can't he?

These were some of my random thoughts. Yeah, most of them are negative, but after a 4-12 season, what can you really be positive about? At least those powder blues looked good?

In all seriousness, let's show out for these Chargers this year. No more home field advantage for away teams like the Steelers. Let's make them feel like San Diego is their home. We want the Chargers here.

And Damnit... I want to be able to go on Madden and have the Chargers not be the damn worst team in the game again.