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Chargers-49ers: Eight players you should be watching on Defense

Who will we be watching when the defense makes their final audition?

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The final audition for the defensive players trying to continue their NFL career will be tomorrow night, who will we be watching?

Richard - I suppose I'm looking forward to watching Ben Gardner who could be in danger of playing so well that he doesn't make it onto the practice squad.

A-A-Ron - I want to watch #31 Phillips again. I was less than impressed last week because it seemed like whenever the Vikings made a big play, he was in some part, responsible. Was it just a bad game, or was it a true indicator of his playing abilities?

Garrett - Chuka Ndulue is who I'll be watching closely on Thursday. Damion Square is out the first four games of the season and the Chargers probably need some more depth on the defensive line. Ndulue got a sack/fumble last game against the Vikings, if he makes some noise against the 49ers there is an outside chance he earns one of the last roster spots until Square returns.

Ruben - I want to see Mr. Mager. I honestly think he is in danger of being let go. He's been seeing time on special teams but I think it's an attempt to see if he can lock down any roster spot. It's probably time to bid Mager a final goodbye.

Cody - I'm watching Adrian McDonald. The safety group really depresses me, but I do really like McDonald. Unfortunately, I don't think they'll keep him on the roster. Hopefully, they can stash him on the practice squad.

American Jamie - I think Darrell Stuckey is worth keeping an eye on. He opened camp running with the 2's, struggled mightily during the preseason and has seen several newcomers outshine him on special teams (Mager, McCoil, Watt, Perry). I also don't remember him getting many snaps on Sunday. I think he could be on the verge of getting cut.

British Jamie - If Jatavis Brown makes his debut, I can't wait to see him in action. If not, though, I'll say Dexter McCoil. His roster spot should be safe, but if he manhandles the 49ers like he did the Vikings he could make a push for serious playing time early.

Nathan - I'd say...Craig Mager? How much has he improved, and is he truly developing like TT said he would.

Daniel F - I'm looking at Ryan Carrethers. His role is bigger with the suspension of Damion Square. Dline depth is thin as it stands, Ryan needs to step up.

Stanley - Jatavis Brown is who I am hoping to see get some game action, otherwise, I hope Adrian McDonald doesn’t play his way off the PS onto another team because I don’t think the Chargers are going to put him on the active roster.