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Chargers-49ers: Seven players you should be watching on offense

It’s the last week of the preseason, who will we be watching make their final audition?

NCAA Football: Military Bowl-Pittsburgh vs Navy Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the last week of the preseason. While this is the least important game to many fans, for some players it is the most important game they’ve played yet. This is the final audition for some players to make the team they are currently on, that team’s practice squad, or another team.

So which players on offense will the BFTB staff be paying close attention to in this final audition?

Nathan - Gus Johnson on offense. New blood, see if he has a chance to make the team.

Richard - I'm interested to see Gus Johnson play for the Chargers since I honestly have no idea what to expect.

Garrett - Kenneth Farrow is probably one of the only guys to watch for the 4th preseason game, every player has locked in a spot on the roster or are destined to be cut off the roster. Farrow was impressive in preseason action but can he beat out the newly acquired Gus Johnson for the vacant RB3 spot?

A-A-Ron - I will be watching the Swain Train because, in all honesty, it'll probably be the last time we see him in a Charger jersey. This coaching staff is infatuated with Watt, and although MG gave him credit for his long run, did you see him? He blocked no one. So it'll be Swain's last chance to prove his worth as an FB/RB (like Tolbert).

Ruben - I am interested to see what Rasheed Bailey has learned in 2 weeks. Against the Vikings, he caught a pass and looked fast and explosive. I liked what I saw and I'm always interested in the next Chargers breakout WR.

Cody - On offense, I want to see more Rasheed Bailey. He made a really nice play against Minnesota and I'm excited to see him in extended time.

American Jamie - I'll be watching Spencer Pulley closely. He played pretty well on Sunday so I want to see how he builds on that performance. Also hoping to actually get an extended look at Swain, even though I'm pretty sure we won't get it.

British Jamie - Dom Williams/Isaiah Burse/Rasheed Bailey. I'm not convinced that it's Isaiah Burse's spot to lose - he hasn't really stood out in preseason. If it was my choice, I'd give that spot to Dom Williams, and I think a strong performance from Williams could play him onto the roster. A good game from Bailey should see him make the PS.

Daniel F - On offense, I'm going to be watching Isaiah Burse. It is his roster spot to lose. I'm looking to see how he does on kick returns.

Stanley - I’m hoping to get a good look at Chris Swain. I’ve accepted at this point that he won’t make the active roster, but I am hoping that the Navy man gets more than a handful of snaps and shows out big time in front of a home crowd during the Chargers’ military appreciation game.