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BFTB Madden 17 (Xbox One) Tournament has begun!

This year’s Madden tournament has begun with Cody Young’s Bolts taking on Anthony Villa’s Eagles. We weren’t able to live stream this game because of the timing, but the BFTB official page is right here, and we’ll post game times shortly.

The two teams traded the ball a couple times before Cody was finally able to score on a 29-yard pass to Antonio Gates from Philip Rivers. The PAT was good, putting Cody up 7-0. 47 seconds later, Anthony struck back, with a pass to Ryan Mathews for 45 yards and the score. The Caleb Sturgis kick tied it at 7. On the ensuing kickoff, Javontee Herndon returned a kickoff 103 yards to the house, putting the Chargers up 14-7. I wasn’t able to see it, but 40 seconds later, the Chargers very own Joey Bosa was able to force a safety, ending the quarter at 16-7.

In the 2nd quarter, things slowed down considerably, with no one scoring until there was 1:13 left on the clock for the half. Once again, a pass to Ryan Mathews (for 2 yards) brought the Eagles to a 3 point deficit. The Eagles decided that they were going to risk it, and went for 2, and miraculously converted. 40 seconds later, the Chargers responded with a deep, 37-yard pass to Travis Benjamin, putting the Chargers up 23-15 to end the half.

With 3:44 left in the 3rd quarter, with a pass from Carson Wentz to Jordan Matthews, and the extra point, Anthony tied the game at 23. At this point in time, the Eagles went on to score 28 unanswered points, with the 16 yd pass to Jordan Matthews, a 24yd TD to Nelson Agholor, a 56-yard pass to none other than Ryan Mathews, and an 84-yard interception return by McLeod Jr (missed PAT). With 33 seconds left in the game, Cody Young was able to stop the hemorrhaging and completed a 29yd TD pass to Tyrell Williams *Moss, and the score was 43-30. You’d think at this point, Anthony Villa would run the clock out, but 13 seconds after Cody’s last score, Sproles took a 41yd pass to the house, and to add insult to injury, Anthony went for 2. Cody had one of his few proud moments in this game to cause the failed 2 pt conversion, but it was too little, too late. Final score, 49-30.

Not in the box score:

Player of the Game (in my opinion) was Joey Bosa with 4 sacks, including the safety.

Wentz ended up with 410 yards and 6 TDs, but 2 INTs.

Rivers received a passer rating of 59.9 with 219 yards, 3 TDs, and 4 INTs.

Travis Benjamin caused 4 turnovers, 3 off tipped passes, one with a fumble.

Neither team could run the ball, but the Eagles were able to compensate with their monstrous screen game.

Overall, a fantastic game by two fierce competitors. Anthony will move on to next week’s round where he’ll face Vigilante5280 (Denvers24k).