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Chargers Training Camp Notes: Tyrell Williams was the star of the show

Let's all over-evaluate talent in practice as we break down the San Diego Chargers Training Camp today.

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The Chargers had the day off yesterday but were back at it today in front of a crowd of season ticket holders. Off the top, Denzel Perryman did not practice again today, that's the second day in a row. He was getting work in on the side field and was up and running so it seems, on the surface, the injury isn't too bad. Then again I'm no doctor.

Before I get into Offense and Defense I'd just like to comment on the feel of practices thus far. This coaching staff has broken down camp into the small details. This year, unlike any year under Head Coach Mike McCoy there are breaks between the normal drills in practice to ensure players are confident in their assignments. Like today, following the 3/4 game speed of 11-on-11s, the coaches pumped the brakes for a Special Teams drill in walk-through speed. It's a different approach to practice for McCoy and I like it, no matter how boring it is to watch. Different players learn at different speeds, whether that translates remains to be seen.


James Jones was out there for his first day of practice and caught a TD pass on Brandon Flowers. Jones was also mixed into the first team Offense at times today.

The star of the show was WR Tyrell Williams. Williams received almost every snap with the first team Offense, even in 12 Personnel (1 RB/2 WR/2 TE). In 1-on-1 drills he had a stutter step move that got him just enough space to get space on Casey Hayward for a Touchdown. He wasn't done. In red zone drills in 11-on-11s, Williams caught a short dig route with Nick Dzubnar trailing and long-strided his way for another touchdown. He was also matched up with Jason Verrett for a few snaps and had a short completion. Tyrell Williams deserves snaps, I don't care what Wide Receiver the Chargers just signed.

Travis Benjamin got the best of Stevie Williams for TD in the first rep of 1-on-1s but Williams won Round 2. Benjamin is going to be someone to watch very closely, especially in Preseason. It's been multiple days now that Benjamin has gotten bumped off the first team Offense. He did have a handful of snaps but so did the wideout they signed yesterday, James Jones. It's early, sure, but it's not a good sign for the guy they just signed for $24 mill this offseason. Also don't tell me it's because he's new and they are bringing Benjamin on slow to learn the system because the Chargers second round pick is doing just fine and hasn't not played a first team snap.

Keenan Allen snagged a couple of TDs. Probably his best practice of camp so far.

A pair of UDFA WRs Dom Williams and Deandre Reaves made some big plays for TDs and also two UDFA tight ends played well today, Tim Semisch and Matt Weiser. Semisch had nice concentration for a TD in the corner of the endzone and Matt Weiser had a big gainer.

Tyreek Burwell was playing pretty chippy today, got in two scuffles. First he didn't take exception to a big hit on his fellow teammate on Offense Isaiah Burse and then did a little extra curricular on a run play. I'm fine with both, pads are on and Burwell started playing with a mean attitude.

The Offensive Line won again today in pass rushing drills and D.J. Fluker played his tail off. Fluker and Barksdale stood out as a pair in drills today covering up a stunt beautifully. Rookie Center Max Tuerk put someone on the ground today and Orlando Franklin stepped out of drills and Kenny Wiggins was the man to take his spot.

Speaking of blocking, Fullback Chris Swain probably had the block of the day today completely de-cleating Jatavis Brown on a run play sending him flying out of the play. Swain ran with the second team Offense today.


With Denzel Perryman out of practice today, the 5th round pick Jatavis Brown got the bulk of the snaps next to Manti Te'o at inside linebacker. The highlight was a swing pass to Danny Woodhead, Brown ran stride for stride with Woodhead and escorted him out of bounds. That play in particular is Woodhead's bread and butter, get the 1-on-1 match-up with the Linebacker and turn that 2-3 yard pass into 7 or 8 yard gain but not today, not on Jatavis.

Craig Mager had a great day today. Mager was running with the second unit and got some looks with the starters too. Mager had a great pass break up on what looked like an easy completion to Dontrelle Inman. He seemed to stay with his man all day. Was matched up against Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin and Dontrelle Inman and didn't give up a catch to any of them.

Safety Dexter McCoil made the first big hit in practice on a pass he timed perfectly thrown to Burse. It ended in a squabble but it was a great football play. McCoil ran with the 3s most of the day today.

ILB Nick Dzubnar seems to have been jumped on the depth chart by Jatavis Brown and he didn't help himself out today. Gave up an easy TD to Tyrell and had a long conversation with Defensive Coordinator John Pagano after drills. Not a great day, his one shinning moment was a huge hit on Melvin Gordon that sent him to the ground in a hurry.

Joshua Perry made a good play on a check down to Melvin Gordon that would've ended in a tackle for a loss. He ran with the second team defense today.