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Should the San Diego Chargers sign Paul Kruger?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns released linebacker Paul Kruger on Monday as they continue to cut veteran players to speed up their rebuild. Kruger signed a five-year, $4o million contract back in 2013 and hasn’t been the player the Browns thought he would be.

Cleveland has moved on from a number of veteran players including Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner. Kruger probably saw this move coming as the team looks to give young players reps. As is typically the case with veteran pass rushers, plenty of teams will be interested in Kruger.

Could Kruger be a fit for the San Diego Chargers?

I don’t see it. Unless the Chargers lose a pass rusher to a major injury, Kruger isn’t a need. The Chargers have three solid pass rushers in Kyle Emanuel, Melvin Ingram, and Jerry Attaochu. Adding Kruger wouldn’t be something that makes the Chargers much better. Kruger isn’t someone to sign for depth because he can still make an impact and the Chargers won’t sign him to play sporadically throughout the season.

The question the Chargers must consider is how to use Kruger. He claims that the reason he struggled was due to the position change the Browns forced him to make. If Kruger is right and the reason he struggled was because of his position change, maybe he could bring something to a team desperate for a pass rusher. I don’t think the Chargers are going to take that chance. Especially with Attaochu and Emanuel still developing.

Kruger probably isn’t on the Chargers radar. He’s an older player at a position the Chargers seem comfortable with. What your take? Should the Chargers give Kruger a look?