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BFTB Madden NFL 17 Xbox One Tournament!

Hello to all those who signed up for the Madden 17 Tournament this year! I’ll be “running” the Xbox side of the tournament, while Ryan Doyle will be running the much, much larger PS4 side. Since we have 21 people competing to be the winner this year (on the Xbox side alone), I determined bye weeks based on sign-up time, and all those who have yet to make an account with us will be playing in the first matches, giving you a reason to make an account for next year’s tournament!

As always, there need to be a few rules.

6 minute quarters, All-Pro difficulty, and weather will be determined by the weather in San Diego at that time (so all will probably be sunny). I will be sending everyone set to compete next weekend a message on Xbox live to see availability, and based on that, the bracket may change. If you are unable to make your game, message me at least an hour in advance on Xbox Live, and we’ll reschedule. Miss more than one game, I will be forced to automatically disqualify you. As with everything, there can potentially be exceptions. “Rage Quitting” is also not permitted.

Use whichever team you want, but even teams will be switched on. Access clock will be set at 20 seconds, and stadium is up to you. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.

I’m in the process of creating a BFTB Twitch account which we will use to stream the games. I will give the password of it to whoever is willing to stream their game, so even people who don’t play on Xbox can enjoy it as well.

This is setting up to be a fun tournament, and the Connected Franchise online BFTB season will begin soon as well, watch BFTB for details.

For the first game, I will be taking on Slump SZN who does not currently have an account on BFTB. Let’s encourage him to sign up!

Happy Gaming!

P.S. The logo took me way longer to make in PS than I would like to admit.