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Branden Oliver carted off the field against Minnesota Vikings

That was not pretty. Oliver looked rather badly injured.

NFL: Chicago Bears at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Branden Oliver suffered a non-contact injury that certainly looked like an Achilles injury. The slow motion replay that Fox provided was difficult to watch as you could see the vibration in Oliver’s calf. You really do hate to speculate on players’ injuries, but well, we’re going to do it anyway. If that was an Achilles tear (and by god, it looked like one), Oliver is almost definitely done for the 2016 NFL season before it even starts.

This could open up spot for either Kenneth Farrow or Dreamius Smith at running back, possibly Isaiah Burse as a kick returner, or maybe the Chargers will look outside for an answer. Karlos Williams sure sounded like a bad idea when the Chargers were three-deep at running back, but now that they only have Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead, you have to think about it. Both Gordon and Woodhead have had injuries that shut them down for the rest of a season before.

Hopefully, Oliver will be able to come back, but if not the Chargers need to figure out a replacement soon.

UPDATE: Team confirms that it’s an Achilles injury.