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Tips and Thoughts on Madden NFL 17

Here are a few things to help guide you through the new Madden.

So Madden has been out for a couple days now, and I figure it’s time for me to give a few thoughts on this year’s version.

The passing game is more balanced, but if you throw up a contested ball, chances are even the 88 rated Keenan Allen will drop it instead of coming down with it. It went from being an overpowered jump ball in last year’s game to almost completely taking jump balls out of this game. Not a fan. How to counteract this, you ask? Use your slot receivers. Throw on breaks, but be careful not to throw too early, as I’ve had quite a few passes bounce off my receivers’ helmets. It’s definitely harder this year to get as good of a completion percentage. Also make sure to be aware of the pressure, cause if you’re in your throw when a defender hits you, chances are it’ll be ruled a fumble.

Running has been emphasized. It’s nice, but at the same time, it makes it a lot harder to make Melvin Gordon III become the league leader in rushing yards. That being said, the button prompts you get while running are incredible at times, but mysteriously they hit themselves and instead of hitting a hole at full speed, the game decides to make your back do a spin move and gain 2 yards instead of 10. This part is absolutely maddening. See what I did there?

Defense is definitely better. It’s harder to hit those long passes down the middle, and a lot easier to defend. Defenders act more realistic, and you’ll see a lot more stripped balls, and some nice (but realistic) batted down passes. INT’s are balanced as well. I still love the button prompts for D-line for power moves and finesse moves, although it is puzzling to see Joey Bosa spin in place at times. If the Chargers could sign him, maybe he’d lead the Chargers in sacks with 13 like he did in my first (half simulated) season.

All in all, it’s a good game, and even though I’ve only hit the franchise section of the game so far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven’t signed the google doc for our tournament, feel free to do so!