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Preseason Week 3: Who the BFTB Staff will be watching on Offense

We’re a few days away from the 3rd preseason game, here’s who we are looking forward to watching.

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3’s preseason game is a few days away. The 3rd game is typically when the team’s starters are going to play the longest. Here’s who we are going to be watching on Sunday morning.

Ryan - Melvin Gordon. He's looked improved so far this preseason and I'm hoping to see him continue to move in the right direction. He should see a decent amount of action this week so I hope he takes advantage and ends his preseason on a high note.

British Jamie - Tyrell Moss. I know I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself, but I'm all in on the Tyrell Moss hypetrain. He has the potential to be a stud for the Chargers, and his usage (and performance) in this game will display how much the coaches - and Rivers - trust/like him.

American Jamie - King Dunlap. The big left tackle has not played especially well thus far in preseason and was down right pushed around by Chandler Jones last week. I want to see how he holds up against Anthony Barr, an OLB is is quickly becoming a terror and basically owned Dunlap in their matchup in 2015. Need to see if King can hold his ground and even get a push, or if he will spend the whole day on roller skates.

Ruben - I would like to see how the WR Corps looks like against the Vikings. We didn’t see much in the first game, and we only saw 1 drive in the second game before they pulled Philip. I wanna see Rivers get the ball to Tyrell and Travis, with the defense doubling Keenan. I’m also excited to see what the Vikes do when Gates and Henry are on the same field at the same time. Very Exciting.

Jeff - The interior offensive line. Last year in Week 3 against the Vikings, the Chargers were manhandled up front by the Vikings defense, and the interior of the line had lots of problems handling Double A gap pressures, stunts, and other games up front. I want to see how much (if at all) the interior play has improved from last season.

Cody - Melvin Gordon. He's looked pretty decent so far this preseason and I'd like to see him build off of his solid outing last game. He's shown some improvement in key areas of his game and it'll be interesting to see how he does in extended time against a nasty Vikings defense.

A-A-Ron - I'm looking forward to seeing (Derek) Watt on the field for more than a few plays. I want to see (for my own eyes) how he's playing, and if he'll have any positive impact on the running game at all. I'd also love to see the Swain train get some snaps against better competition and try to figure out why the Chargers have him behind Watt on the depth chart.

Garrett - I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm most curious about Mike Bercovici. He got more playing time than Zach Mettenberger last game and played better than Kellen Clemens too. When does he get serious consideration for the back-up QB role? He hasn't been perfect, he's made some bad decisions but he's shown some major growth from Rookie Minicamp.

Richard - I just want to watch more Hunter Henry. He's incredible and I can't wait to see how he impresses this week.

Nathan - I want to see PR17 tossing the rock to the likes of not only Keenan, but also Travis Benjamin, Tyrell Williams, and maybe even some James Jones sprinkled in. Really want to get a glimpse of how explosive this offense can be.

Stanley - Spencer Pulley. We still have not heard exactly how bad D.J. Fluker’s injury is or how long he will be out. The team appears confident that Pulley is going to be that next man up, so I want to see if he’s getting 1st team reps in the game off the bat and how he does. Based on how the team has been raving about him, I think he is leading the race to be the UDFA that continues the Chargers trend of at least 1 UDFA making the roster every year for the last 18 years running.