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Fans attack Cheryl Bosa on Twitter for sharing SB Nation article

Cheryl Bosa made the decision to share an SB Nation article and people on Twitter were not pleased.

NFL Draft - Red Carpet Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

Earlier today, SB Nation posted an excellent piece on the Joey Bosa situation that you should go read if you haven’t yet. Cheryl Bosa elected to share it on Twitter. That decision has not made her very popular with a certain subset of football fans.

The fact that she only tweeted the headline of the post and not her own actual words seems to have been lost on many of the people that responded to her tweet. Most of the responses were negative and some were very personal attacks.

Here’s a sampling of them:

We have apparently set a very low bar for what qualifies as evil these days: tweeting a link to an article that is supportive of a member of your family.

Unlike Mr. Chargers Legion whom I expect we’ll be seeing on the field soon, Ms. Bosa is not playing football and apparently cannot discuss contract negotiations.

Apparently, we all have strong opinions on the football careers of Bosa’s family members and that opinion seems to suggest that Bosa will be a bust because it’s “in his blood.”

I honestly wonder how anyone could think that it’s a good idea to tweet something that disgusting. Also, what a lovely Twitter handle he’s chosen.

Ah, yes. It’s the Bosa family that’s disgusting, not the people harassing Cheryl Bosa on Twitter.

Insane! You’re now insane if you tweet out links to SB Nation articles. Perish the thought of ever crossing over into such madness.

Overall, you have to wonder about the kind of people that would tweet awful things at a player’s family members just because they shared a link about their son’s contract negotiations. Ironically, it looks a lot like people lashing out in defense of their child rather than a billion dollar sports franchise that could not care less about them.