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REPORT: Bosa and Chargers still about 9% apart

Michael Gehlken reports the two parties are still about 9% apart on deferment numbers

Bosa Watch

Things do not look good for 3rd overall pick Joey Bosa playing in a Chargers uniform anytime soon, if at all.

As you will have seen by now the Chargers have made their “best” offer, which was rejected by Bosa and his agent Brian Ayrault. The Chargers have now decided to take their “ball” and go home.

Let’s take a slightly deeper look at that.

If Gehlken and his source are correct, Bosa and Ayrault came down from 100% to a number that still allows for at least a 7 figure deferment of the bonus to next year. Bosa’s slotted bonus is $17,014,947. So doing the math here, that means they have come down to 94.1% of his bonus this year (deferring 5.9%), which would allow for $1,000,000 next year. Of course, they could have come down slightly more than that, but for arguments sake, this is the worst case.

With the team drawing their line in the sand at 85%, that means the team and Ayrault/Bosa are at most 9% off, or $1.5 million and change.

Seeing that both sides conceded some ground, although the Chargers appear conceded more, and the “small” difference between the two, should give us hope that something could be worked out soon. But I still don’t think it will.

It appears that NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has been in contact with Bosa and his Agent to offer his support. The team appears to be firm with their line in the sand, especially after releasing the terms of the negotiation publicly. So it appears both sides are fully entrenched and refusing to go out into no man’s land anymore.

It is getting harder and harder to support either side in this dispute.