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REPORT: Joey Bosa declines Chargers’ ‘best offer’, offer pulled

The Chargers extend their streak of being one of the most laughed at organizations in professional sports.

NFL: San Diego Chargers Stadium Initiative Rally Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Joey Bosa saga is not any closer to a happy ending today as the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Chargers beat reporter Michael Gehlken has reported via Twitter some truly unsettling news this morning.

It had been reported by some outlets that the Chargers’ team plane was in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend and while the Chargers assured everyone that it wasn’t football related, that appears not to have been the case.

We still do not know what the Chargers’ best offer looked like or why they are putting such minor business interests ahead of such an important aspect of football operations, but what we apparently do know is that Bosa’s representatives, and presumably Bosa himself, were not moved by the offer.

The Chargers are continuing to play hardball with their highest draft pick since Eli Manning and it’s looking like they may end up seeing no value returned for their atrocious 4-12 season last year. This is how a bad team not only stays bad but gets worse.

Many will point to the “greed” of the player in this situation, but it is only logical for an individual to look out for his own livelihood. The thing that makes no sense is the Chargers’ willingness to damage their onfield product so much in order to accomplish, what exactly?

UPDATE: The team has released a statement: