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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Philip Rivers expects to win the division

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Chargers QB Philip Rivers: 'Our expectation is to win the division' - Eric Williams
"We lost all six games (last year), so we can’t put ourselves up there yet," Rivers said. "But I do think that our expectation is to win the division. Now, that’s our expectation and what we believe in here -- we can go from the very bottom to winning the division.

Chargers' Derek Watt, J.J.'s brother, shows toughness runs in family - Eric Williams
"At this level, you’re not going to get many pancake blocks, so I’m just relying on my technique and footwork, getting that power step down, keeping a good base and just covering a guy up," Watt said. "You’re not going to knock a guy over or knock him 5 yards back always, so it’s kind of covering a guy up and letting whoever the running back is back there do his thing."

Philip Rivers Breaks Down "Salty" AFC West - (video)
Quarterback Philip Rivers gives his take on the competition and pecking order in the AFC West.

What Impresses Philip Rivers Most About Chargers Defense? - Ricky Henne
“You can’t quite expect that for four quarters all year long (from them), If we do, we’ll (not only) win the division (but) we’ll win all of them! They showed that when going like that and (the offense) gets going why the expectations are high in the locker room.”