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Who is your current favorite Chargers player?

The BFTB staff reveals who their favorite current Chargers players are.

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

A Bolts from the Blue member whose name I cannot recall (feel free to reveal yourself in the comments) said he thought it would be interesting to know everyone’s favorite player on the Chargers. We agreed that it would be interesting, so here we go:

Cody Young - Aside from Rivers, my favorite player has to be Jason Verrett. I‘ve been following his career since his first season at TCU. He is such an outstanding player who fights harder than anyone else on every play. Watching him lock down opposing receivers using phenomenal form and great instincts is a thing of beauty. I love how he has succeeded in areas that scouts and draft experts claimed he was too small to make a difference in, such as playing on the outside against taller receivers. It won't be much longer before Verrett has his name thrown around in discussions about the NFL’s top cornerback.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman - Has to be Phil. Became a Chargers fan when I first got a navy blue #17 Jersey in 2005. I love his on/off the field demeanor, and generally feel he's so incredibly underrated and looked over.

Richard Wade - My favorite player right now is Keenan Allen. I just love watching him work. His routes are a thing of beauty, and when he beats you, he'll let you know. He's the most fun player to watch on the team.

Jeff Siniard - Danny Woodhead is my favorite player. Besides Rivers, Woodhead is probably the smartest player on offense - it's rare to see him make a mistake like running the wrong route or not identifying which blitzer to pick up in pass protection. He understands game situations - such as knowing when to fight for yards and when to get out of bounds. He's also a terrific all-around offensive weapon - runs precise routes, has good hands, runs hard, and rarely loses yards.

Jamie Hoyle - Derek Watt...JUST KIDDING. I'd say my favorite player right now is Denzel Perryman, I love the way he attacks and punishes ball carriers. He's that physical, old school style of ILB who is always coming downhill, and not only does he not miss tackles, but players know when they've been hit by 52.

Garrett Sisti - If we're going strictly on talent I love Jason Verrett but my personal favorite is Philip Rivers. His fiery attitude, gaggle of kids and his rolodex of frustrated descriptors make Phil, Phil and you can't help but love him for it. He's always must-see TV on Sundays and nobody in a Chargers uniform has brought more smiles to my face than a fired up Philip Rivers.

Ryan Doyle - I'm in a transition period. My favorite player was Eric Weddle. Now that he's gone, I'm torn between Keenan Allen and Antonio Gates. Both players are so much fun to watch but in totally different ways. Gates uses his basketball skills to win position. While Allen jukes defenders out of their shoes. I'll lean Allen for now.

John Gennaro - Without a doubt it’s Keenan Allen. Nobody else on the team carries themselves with that much swagger and I think it’s sorely needed.

SDNativeinTX - I am going to go with Antonio Gates. To go from UDFA to future Hall of Fame member is one hell of a story and he has transitioned well from physically gifted freak athlete to savvy pro that beats whomever he is matched up against. Proves out the old adage of "if you can play, they'll find you". I'm glad it was the Chargers that found him.

Uppercut- There’s a lot of players (on both sides of the ball) who grab my attention, but I think my favorite still has to be Philip Rivers. He has a competitive fire & toughness reminiscent of years past - yet he’s more than just a “try-hard”, he’s a very talented player. He’s also just so damn likable. During his interview after the TEN pre-season game, I thought to myself, “How on earth do people NOT like this guy?!”. The Chargers and the fans are lucky to have Rivers at the helm.

Matthew Stanley - El Capitan. Philip Rivers is my favorite player not only on the Chargers but in football. He is tough as nails, he is an amazing talent, he loves the game, and he is flat out fun to watch because of how much fun he is having when he plays. On top of all that he is a great person off the field. Phil is the man.

Aaron Woolley - I'm sorry to follow what everyone else is doing, but the whole reason I started liking the Chargers back in 2006 was because of Philip Rivers. I've fiercely defended him over the years to scores of people and will continue to do so when he retires. Once he does, Denzel Perryman or Keenan Allen will take his place as my favorite active Charger.

Ruben J. - My favorite player is Phillip Rivers. He's a God fearing man who's the only person that has more kids than I do. He's fiery, he's poised, his football IQ may be the best in the league. He is humble and he is the ultimate trash talker- albeit without cursing. His competitiveness always makes me feel like the Chargers have a chance. He is the Qb I choose when I choose a Qb.

Anyway, those are our favorites; who are yours? Tell us in the comments.