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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Chargers defend stadium measure

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Projecting WR James Jones' role with the Chargers - Eric Williams
"I’m more concerned about us right now," McCoy said. "There’s game-planning involved in every game. But we’ve got to get better as a team, and that’s going to be my message from here until the rest of the year."

Brandon Flowers embracing role as slot defender for Chargers - Eric Williams
"I’ve been doing it for a while, playing inside and outside," Flowers said. "We’re going to give the offense different looks. I might play outside some games. I might play inside some games."

Bold Predictions Week: Our writers' boldest calls - PFF Fantasy Staff
Gates is already the San Diego franchise leader in career receptions (844), receiving yards (10,644) and touchdown catches (104). Gates ranks seventh all-time in touchdown receptions and third among tight ends in total receptions and receiving yards. Right now he’s seven touchdowns away from tying Tony Gonzalez’ record, eight away from beating it. I say he beats it. Philip Rivers wants Gates to beat it and I want a tight end that has a nice touchdown total in his head.

Focus: Chargers dispute risks of stadium measure - David Garrick (UT$)
"The taxpayers are never on the hook," Maas said. "It would be malfeasance if any fiduciary responsibilities applied to them. The folks who would be on the hook are people that would be buying the bonds, not the city."

Are Bosa talks affecting stadium vote? - Nick Canepa (UT$)
I don’t care if the Chargers are 0-8 or 8-0 by election day. If, as expected, 66 percent of the vote is required to pass the initiative, they aren’t winning, and I don’t care if they bring back Lance Alworth, LT, Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner, Wes Chandler, Moses and Solomon, let alone Bosa.